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The Rights of a Christian

 ·  ☕ 2 min read  ·  ✍️ Odunayo Rotimi


For the Christian, who chooses to follow Christ, the foremost of all requirements is to deny himself. In literary sense, this would mean to deny ones right. One may then ask after I have given up my right what things do I have rights to in Christ Jesus. In the following, we highlight what rights we have as Christians, in the light of the life of Jesus.

  • We have the right to persecution;
  • The right to be despite-fully used and for my users to enjoy my prayers;
  • The right to be misunderstood and for our accusers to enjoy our forgiveness;
  • The right to peace with God;
  • The right to be loved of the Father;
  • The right to be discipline by Him;
  • The right to suffer for righteousness’ sake;
  • The right to suffer for the name of Jesus;
  • the right to love without being puffed up;
  • The right to pray and give unnoticed;
  • The right to give sparingly, abundantly or cheerfully;
  • The right to be spent and be spent for Christ;
  • The right to forgive others;
  • The right to be despised;
  • The right to be led to the slaughter as sheep;
  • The right to suffer like Jesus suffered;
  • The right to love and not be puffed up;
  • The right to love and not ask back;
  • The right to love and to endure;
  • The right to suffer pain in order to be made like our brethren;
  • The right to give up all we have;
  • The right to restoration when all have been given.
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Odunayo Rotimi
Odunayo Rotimi